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TRAVIS OLIPHANT Founder of Quansight, Anaconda (Continuum), NumFOCUS and PyData. Creator of NumPy, SciPy, Conda, Numba and XND. QUANSIGHT, INC
LINDSEY HEAGY Researcher working on geophysics with Jupyter and SimPEG & Geoscience topic editor for the Journal of Open Source Software. UC BERKELEY & PROJECT JUPYTER
DAMIÁN ÁVILA Software Development Team Lead & Open Source Developer centered around the Jupyter Ecosystem. PROJECT JUPYTER
PEDRO SILVA Solutions Architect Manager specialized in deep learning applications for the Oil & Gas industry NVIDIA


Alejandro Correa Colombia Talk : Maximizing Churn Campaign Profitability with Cost-Sensitive Machine Learning (English)
Carlos Castro Colombia Talk : The intraday market at Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (English)
David Cardozo Colombia Talk : Julia: a next generation language (English)
Edgar Margffoy Colombia Tutorial : Creating third party Spyder plugins (English)
Francisco Palm Venezuela Tutorial : Analítica Empresarial con Python: superando la adicción a Excel (Spanish)
Iván Pulido Colombia Talk : Day-to-day computational biology with Python (English)
Marc Garcia Spain / United Kingdom Talk : The pandas of the future (English)
Maria Remolina Colombia Talk : Get your hyperparameters right! How to tune your machine learning models with SciPy (English)
Nicolás Guarín Colombia Talk : SolidsPy: 2D-Finite Element Analysis with Python (English)